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Scaling up your business?

Starting up your business?

Finding it hard to cover all aspects of your business?

Working more and achieving less?

Is your business becoming a burden, no longer fun?

We are Regain Control Specialists

We are Regain Control Specialists

When you are stuck in traffic, the best way out, is visible to one who has a bird’s eye view of the situation.  That person, can ease you out of the jam via the quickest, most efficient route.

We at Everyday Business Support, are regain control specialists, providing the vision, the helping hand, that will enable you to refocus and re-energise your business.


Don’t be thrown off by our modest name, Everyday Business Support rides in when you are facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, to get your Business back on track, so that you can regain perspective, enjoy its privileges and bask in its glory.


We help business owners to -

  • mitigate weaknesses

  • establish a clear path that will help them make better business decisions

  • realise their overall vision.



What does a ‘successfully running’ business look like, what does it feel like?  Did anyone tell you about the challenges a start-up might face?  As easy as it is, to start a business… to keep it going and build it into a profit-making venture, requires perseverance… besides passion.

We know that you can supply the passion towards your dream business project.  What Everyday Business Support brings in, is the know-how for keeping the cogs and wheels running smoothly.  


Your concerns might be something like these…

  • cash flow is tight 

  • unsure of your pricing structure 

  • too much or not enough work

  • not comfortable with the trading figures 

  • processes are getting out of control 

  • not comfortable with the formal side of running a business 

  • returns, accounts, employees and other aspects 

  • not taking enough time off

plans for future retirement very hazy 

A successful business doesn’t mean that we have eliminated all problems.  Large volumes and higher number of clients generally mean, more hard work and newer challenges.  A growing business needs to create processes that are able to break through the challenges and continue to perform.  Perhaps even by using stumbling blocks as stepping stones!

The Process



It’s a no brainer that to solve a problem, first you need to get to the root cause.  So, we begin with a listening session, where you’ll be able to easily share key aspects about your business like –

  • what is great

  • what is good but could be better 

  • what’s not so good


This session essentially –

  • helps gain valuable perspective

  • heightens awareness

  • with the right leading questions, helps to identify root causes (that might not have been initially apparent)

Image by Dylan Ferreira

CHAT through

 A highly interactive session that will include:

  • outlining possible solutions

  • clarity on what success looks like and steps to achieve it

  • prioritising the actions required for your business right now

  • revision of critical business operation tasks

Image by Gracia Solenyanu


You may wish to go on your own to implement shifts that will effect lasting change and take your business forward.

You may also engage us for regular follow ups to hand hold you through the complete rejuvenation process.

Our outcome focussed strategies will efficiently guide you towards, creating a business that is able to-

  • sustain through challenges

  • find solutions

  • focus on accountability and growth

Image by Tyler Franta


Having run a successful accounting firm for more than three decades, Andrew Roberts knows the ins and outs of business finance, across a wide variety of industries.  His clients’ companies relied on his professional acumen to keep their finances ship-shape while also benefitting from his ‘people first’ approach that helped them anticipate and overcome financial and operational challenges.


Andrew learnt through first-hand experience that for many sole proprietors and small business owners, it’s a lonely journey.  He found that many struggle to find work–life balance and that right advice from a professional perspective goes a long way to set them back on track. 


Through his consultancy, Everyday Business Support Ltd., Andrew has set out to do just that… lend a helping hand to businesses, enabling them to refocus and re-energise.

Using a highly interactive process, Andrew specialises in identifying the root causes of your businesses’ issues and making-outcome oriented recommendations that you can implement effectively.




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