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How touchy feely is your business?

Accountants - do your customers love you?

As highly trained professionals, accountants have lots of knowledge and skills to offer their clients.

Interpreting the application of accounting standards and the ever changing world of tax, takes some effort. But is that what clients really want?

Bruce Daisley is a leading commentator on the world of work. His latest newsletter and podcast discusses the role touch plays in our lives.

Having worked closely with a number of accountancy practices, interactions with clients have always been very much arms length. Bruce Daisley in his latest newsletter talks about Jurgen Klopp and his enthusiasm for the end of game hug. (Football!)

Sadly I have never been one for a hug, definitely a keen supporter of personal space to be kept personal at all times. But for many, particularly small businesses, they need a closer relationship with their accountants. Not suggesting hugs for tax return or accounts completion, but a more regular catch up though the accounting year.

We need to encourage a greater regular dialogue. Many people found the pandemic forced lock downs, initially useful, but then increasingly lonely. As human beings we generally respond well to some form of human interaction.

A number of clients have suggested over the years that visiting the accountant is often like being called before the school Head Master/Mistress. On edge from the beginning, the questions that have been on the tip of the tongue just vaporise. This results from a misunderstanding sometimes of the role of the accountant.

Accountants and clients will get the most from the skills and experience available by ensuring the dialogue is great, that each understands the role of the other and know how best they can work together.

If you want to have a better working relationship with your clients or indeed with your accountant, get in touch.

Here to help and make your business better.

If you want to check out Bruce Daisley, Eat Sleep Work Repeat is on Apple podcasts, follow him on twitter @brucedaisley

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