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Maintain your focus

How easily are you distracted? When walking down a street you may suddenly hear someone trying to get your attention “Hello (your name) how are you? Haven’t seen you for ages”. Often if this happens to me, my brain goes into panic mode as I desperately try and remember who this person is!

Owning a puppy requires a high level of focus whenever you are out and about. If they are attached to you by a lead you need to be ready at any moment to avoid tissues, food wrappers or worse. You are definitely not allowed to lose yourself in your own world, or run the risk of an arm dislocation as they spot a friend, foe or fox on the other side of the road.

Being a supposedly responsible dog owner, every Tuesday night becomes dog training night. Last evening was no exception. A rare treat for me however, I was allowed to observe as my wife and five others put their puppies through their paces.

One thing did strike me, as the trainer explained the next exercise it was quite hard to follow exactly what she wanted. She spoke clearly but in a small hall, with not the best acoustics, it was quite hard to follow whilst maintaining control of your puppy and ignoring the various squeals and barks from surrounding excited animals.

A big challenge for many small businesses is maintaining focus. There are lots of distractions that can get in the way of keeping an eye on the plan. Whether its problems with customers, suppliers or software, or keeping the paperwork up to date. In the last few years we have had the pandemic, followed by power costs and surging inflation, within London the ULEZ expansion has been a real factor for some.

So how do you maintain focus?

Take time to step out of the routine and just review how the business is performing is a key requirement. The monthly Full Ahead Together group is designed for this purpose. an opportunity to take a breath and look at the key difficulties or challenges and refocus your effort.

Regular focus should be a priority for every business owner.

The next session is 24th November. You will be most welcome to join in. Business workout for business owners.

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