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The Seasons don't stand still, do you?

I visited Greenwich Park quite recently, sun was out and autumn seemed hardly present. Was there again yesterday (see photo) and Autumn had clearly taken hold. Seasons can be delayed but the changes do happen eventually.

There has been a lot to distract us in the news recently. The awfulness of Gaza, the reminders of what happened to the Country as the Covid 19 Pandemic took hold and most recently, the sudden interest in the Nations finances as the Autumn Statement was delivered today.

For businesses, there is the confirmation of capital allowance reliefs, for the self employed the getting rid of the Class 2 National Insurance contribution (an administrative nightmare for some) and for employees, the reduction in National Insurance of 2% from January.

I missed the Chancellors remarks but did hear a lot of the Shadow Chancellors reply. The impression given was, in her opinion, not much has changed to encourage growth over the last few years.

For many businesses, this may well feel like the reality you are trading in. Despite your best efforts the only thing that’s changed are the seasons around you.

Change is always possible. At a personal level you can target weight loss, for your own wellbeing you can make a list of places to visit. i have created a book reading list, have not got far but have read more titles this year, than I would have done without it. I created that list on an App called Goodreads, which my son introduced me too, so we can see how each of us is doing. A bit of family accountability/competition!

If your business needs to grow, then you need to look at what changes you can make to get things going. What are the steps you need take to get there and how can you make a start.Its often about the planning. One speaker I listened to recently suggested it might take four days planning to result in one days action. But then it's done. Every business is different and depends on the complexity of steps required. But action is key.

If you have plans for next year but are not sure exactly how to start you should attend the Full Ahead Together Group. It exists to help you talk through the possibilities and challenges you face and give you the confidence to get some momentum going.

Final meeting for this year is on Friday at 12.30pm follow the link to join the session.

Everyone looking to improve their business is welcome.

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