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Using all the tools in your business toolkit?

Saturday was a lovely warm sunny October day in the South East. My wife and I had an unexpected visit from two young children, who came with their aunties to see how our puppy was getting on.

They had first met her 10 weeks ago, when she was just over 8 weeks old and had been with us just a couple of days. Now, she is still a puppy but much bigger and probably more fun to play with.

The eldest child, who is 9, asked if he could play with the Lego we had upstairs. Frankly we struggled to recall if it was there. He duly went upstairs, looking for something he had spotted on his previous visit. Not something dog related but the Lego layout board pictured.

He and his sister spent the rest of the afternoon, playing Lego, leaving the adults to talk and keep an eye on the teething puppy.

Lego is a near timeless and creative toy for all ages. You may note from the picture, that this particular item is not the latest version. In fact it was given to my wife when she was a child one Christmas. So we are talking more than 25 years ago (at least!).

The children enjoyed making the items that they had created in their minds. Using the various types and colours of bricks in the box that was sitting under the road layout. It had been brought down temporarily from the loft, during a previous clearing out episode.

This reminds me of what its like running your own business. You use a variety of different skills and items to build the vision which you had in your mind, when you started up the enterprise. Or at least that’s what most of us attempt.

The challenge for all businesses, is not to just have a clear vision, but to use all the parts available to complete that vision. All aspects of a business that make up your business toolkit.

Technical skills are usually the most in demand, but it's the management side which often is more under used. Customer care, marketing and often the least loved, the book keeping may not get taken out of the business tool box as often as they should. Consequently the business model you are making may not look quite like the item you had intended.

If your business is not quite matching your expectations, then seek help. Everyday Business Support is available to help you make the right choices, identify what’s lacking and ensure you have the right tools in your business toolkit. And use them.

First step is to get in touch. Sometimes we find asking for what we need is difficult. The 9 year old knew exactly what he wanted and didn’t hold back. Perhaps we need the same approach!

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